Cruises from California to Hawaii

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When looking at routes for Cruise from the US region to Hawaii, many ask why does my Hawaiian Cruise stopover in Mexico? That is because of a 1986 ruling that directs that only American signaled ships can travel between US ports without a break in an additional country. Ships that are sailing from California to Hawaii, San Diego are an excellent stop for them.

Hawaii Cruises

Hawaii cruises combine nature and culture perfectly. Hawaii is synonymous with palm-fringed sandy beaches, sunshine, and crystal-clear water. But that’s just one facet of Hawaii.

The impressive geology of the eight main islands offers flora and fauna almost perfect framework conditions; amid the lush forests, there is an unprecedented variety of animal species, and the colorful flora invites you to hike as well as take pictures. The volcanic origin of Hawaii provides numerous natural highlights.

And also, the Hawaiian culture invites you to get to know: In port cities like Maui, Kailua, Honolulu, and many more, you have the opportunity to become part of the lively bustle, to be enchanted by the local cuisine and to find souvenirs in small markets. The remarkable mix of island flair and western lifestyle, since Hawaii is officially part of the USA, gives the island the finishing touch.

Depending on the route, you can combine Hawaii cruises with other exciting destinations such as Canada, the USA, or even New Zealand – the Pacific is not without reason for endless possibilities. Palm-lined powdered sugar beaches, Hawaiian culture, and impressive natural beauties – all this and much more awaits you on the Hawaii cruise.

Location and Travel Time

The 50th state of the USA is situated in the Pacific Ocean, with around 137 islands. It thus forms the northern tip of the Polynesian triangle. The island chain can be visited all year round, but the months March to November are ideal for a Hawaii cruise.

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Islands and Attractions

Discover the island of “Oahu” on the Hawaii cruise. The state capital, “Honolulu”, gives you a fantastic view with the approx. 56 meter high “Honolulu Tower”. It continues to “Kauai¬†“. What is unique about the island are the numerous natural wonders such as the mystical cave “Fern Grotto”. A trip to the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is an impressive experience.

Experience the many facets of the main island of the same name as the “Hawaii,” Which is also called” Big Island “. The city “Hilo” captivates with its tropical flair and the magnificent view of the approx. 4214 meter high “Mauna Kea” mountain. Don’t miss the drive to the breathtaking “Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.”

The tour to the island Maui is a real highpoint for nature lovers. Whether lava deserts, tropical forests, or mighty volcanoes such as the “Haleakala” – the island has many faces.

An Unforgettable Experience

With its many facets, the Hawaii cruise leaves nothing to be desired. Whether adventurer, nature lover or person is looking for relaxation – you will probably never forget this trip!…

West Coat Cruises Offer a Terrific Family Vacation Experience

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Dreaming of the open sea? Whatever your interests, a cruise has got something for you! From fantastic on board entertainment to relaxing ports and days at the beach, a cruise is the one vacation that will satisfy everyone in the family. (It’s also perfect for a romantic getaway!)

The West Coast has several port cities with dozens of cruises leaving throughout the year. Choices of cruising destinations range all the way from the frozen beauty of Alaska to tropical destinations like Mexico.

You may be wondering if you can afford to go on a cruise but we have great news for you. Cruises are one of the most affordable ways to get out and see the world. With destinations ranging from the tropics of the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico to riding along Canada’s breathtaking coast, you can experience multiple ports in one trip. You don’t have to settle for a single destination – you can see it all! …

Considerations for Your Next San Diego Cruise

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San Diego, which has also been called “the birthplace of California, is one of the most wonderful and fascinating cities one should visit at least once in their lifetime. As such, more and more people start experiencing the urgent need to visit the city and thoroughly explore it.

If you are one of these people, then you are guaranteed to be pleased with the Cruise tour which will allow you to both enjoy and explore the city and its scenic views. And below are some of the best cruises which will transform that wish into reality.…

Plan Your San Francisco Cruise Activities

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San Francisco, one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world, is a melting pot of a fascinating history, architecture, hills, food culture, and the weather, all of which makes people gravitate towards it. And when you decide thoroughly exploring the city and its wonders, cruises are your best bet.

In this article, we’ll explore the best San Francisco cruises worth your time and money.…